I retired from a 24 year career as a Pharmaceutical Consultant with The Upjohn Company. I enjoyed my career. The years with Upjohn provided me with the skills that have shaped the rest of my life-discipline, hard work, and professionalism. Since then, I have earnestly pursued my second career as a photographer. It is the best time of my life. I love all the aspects of photography; the pursuit of the image, the excitement of seeing what I captured and the ultimate joy of creating a beautiful print. I'm a member of a group called Ten Eyes. Our goal is to create Fine Art photography. Because of Ten Eyes, I have developed friendships which have been influential and supportive and encouraging.

My favorite images are those that express emotion. I like to find the ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary. I used to use Velvia film and scan my images with a Nikon Coolscan. These days, I am all Digital. My pictures are captured with my Canon 5D Mark3 and/or my Lumix GH4. My digital work is done using Adobe Photoshop CC2014 and, I do all of my printing on the Epson 3880 printer with archival Epson Ultra Chrome K3 ink using a variety of different archival papers.

For me, photography is more than a passion. It is a way of life. My trips are all photography oriented and because of the focus, they have been extremely rewarding.
Making prints is my greatest goal. I tend to work an image over and over until I feel it has reached the point where it looks perfect for printing. Most of my work is done using primarily darkroom techniques digitally. Some of the prints have been manipulated, but usually in a small way that makes them as true to life as possible. On rare occasions, I will do something very different with a photograph and, it is obvious that it is unique.