To completely read the Iceland Blog, click on Read More.  We traveled to Iceland with Don Lyon of “Close Up Expeditions”.  This was my second trip with Don and I can recommend him as one of the best trip leaders.  He works hard, plans well and is an enthusiastic photographer who never competes with anyone in the group.  Just has a good time and shows us the possibilities and gives help wherever it is needed or wanted.  B

2012 - Italy, The Paloose and instead of China, It will be Japan . . .

Italy followed by a trip to Washington State to photograph the rolling wheat fields and Barns and the nearby areas.  My visit to Italy, in April, gave me an opportunity to visit Spello and to experience Easter in a Cloisted Nunnery on Easter Sunday.  Good food, wine, and cheese and wonderful people.  It wasn't really a photography venture.  Some photgraphs of the Easter celebration will be posted.

Shutterbug Magazine Review of Web Site

I'm very fortunate to be able to share with you the very positive review of my web site in the January 2010 issue of Shutterbug Magazine.












Freeman Patterson Workshop

 A week with Freeman Patterson and Andre Gallent in St. Jacque, New Brunswick, Canada.  A photographers' dream workshop.  Freeman is a master of photography and a warm and inspiring person and Andre is a wonderful child and family photographer.  Both had much to contibute and they do so with warmth and enthusiasm.  

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